Philip Weeks

IMG_4672Philip Weeks is one of the leading natural health experts in the UK. He is a master herbalist, registered acupuncturist and naturopath and has been working as a consultant with adults and children for over 15 years.

His clinics – based in Hereford and London – have an extensive staff team offering a holistic and functional approach to health.

Having trained at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine Philip travelled to Eastern Europe, Germany and India in search of holistic medical practices to combine with his researched clinical expertise.

Philip’s skill lies in an innovative approach combining ancient medicine with modern research and diagnostic techniques. He is one of the few practitioners and teachers of Master Tung acupuncture.

Philip sources herbal, Ayurvedic and homeopathic remedies from around the globe.  His clinics have in house pharmacies where unique, hand prepared, bespoke medicinal remedies are made for his patients.

Philip is an engaging, informative presenter and is renowned for his deep understanding and knowledge of Ayurvedic, Arabic, Chinese and Greek medicine making them relevant to today. He is also a lecturer, teacher and has published two books. His work appears regularly in the media.

Philip is currently completing an MSc in Nutritional Therapy and a third book for Jessica Kingsley Publishers.