Make Yourself Better

Make Yourself Better Book CoverMake Yourself Better: A Practical Guide to Restoring Your Body’s Wellbeing (2012)

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Philip Weeks guides the reader through the process of restoring the body’s well being using a simple combination of natural techniques, diet and herbal medicines.

The book explores in depth the importance of good nutrition and detoxification with clear explanations of specific methods and techniques, simple recipes and clinically-tested detoxification plans.

Philip Weeks explores the five key interconnected areas through which well being can be attained based on the wheel of health –

  • Nourishment – how we can support our body by consciously choosing what to put in it
  • Detoxification – encouraging the body to eliminate unwanted toxins
  • Lifestyle – choosing a way of life tailored to our body’s needs
  • Activation – moving our body in a way that prevents stagnation
  • Mind and spirit – supporting the non-physical parts of our life