The Wisdom Of Ancient Medicine – Talk by Philip Weeks

Philip Weeks Exciting news for those of you close to London! Philip will be doing at talk at the brilliant inSpiral Lounge in Camden on August 26th @ 9:00pm. 

Exploring concepts from Chinese, Ayurvedic and Greek medicine Philip will apply these principles to daily life with ways to strengthen the constitution through nutrient dense foods, lifestyle support and evidence based medicine.

Philip will give practical strategies on how to restore your core level of health through nutrition, herbal medicine and supplements. Come along…

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Food For Thought…

Philip has recently been interviewed for Natural Health Radio about how he integrates ancient medicine into his practice.

Exploring concepts from Chinese, Ayurvedic and Greek medicine Philip discusses how he uses these in combination with evidence based medicine…


Chronic Fatigue…

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The secret of health preservation is first of all
sleep. It can regenerate the essence, improve health,
invigorate the spleen and stomach and strengthen
the bones and muscles. (Li Yu, Qing dynasty) Continue reading

Why We Love Fat…


By Thomas Bjørkan (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

An article this week in the British Medical Journal – by cardiology specialist Aseem Malhotra – suggests removing saturated fat from our diets may actually increase our cardiovascular risk.

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Acupuncture In Pregnancy

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When Jenny Lewis found out that the baby she was carrying lay in the breech position she came to see Philip to see if acupuncture could help. Continue reading