Top Ten Anti-Ageing Foods

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Autumn means time to start stocking up on nutrient rich foods…

Sweet potato
The proteins in sweet potato have been observed to have significant antioxidant qualities – specifically chlorogenic acid.  Which encourage the body’s self repair mechanisms.

Stress makes us age more quickly, so any food which helps to make us more relaxed is going to help stave off old father time.  Beetroot contains Betain which chemically makes the body more naturally relaxed.

Containing abundant amounts of Lutein and Zeaxanthin – types of carotenoids that act as antioxidants.  These protect against aging of the skin and in some studies have shown that those who have an abundance of this antioxidant in their diet had ‘younger lungs’.

Not just for Christmas Dinner. Parsnips have the correct blend of nutritional components that help the nails, hair, skin and nails.  The vitamin C, phosphorus, and potassium help encourage the production of collagen which declines as we get older leading to the skin becoming thinner.

The carotenoids in carrots have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease.  One study in the united states, carried out on more than a 1000 people, revealed that those eating at least one serving of carrots a day had a 60% reduction in their risk of heart attack, compared to those who had a diet lower in carotenoids.

Butternut Squash
They contain an abundance of folic acid.  This nutrient naturally helps breaks down a substance called homocysteine, which is a body by-product.  Those with lower levels of homocysteine are less likely to get dementia and heart disease.

Onions contain a unique compound called ‘Onionin A’ preventing the body from developing inflammation.  Some researchers believe that aging is caused by low level inflammation and we need to eat foods that help prevent this process.

Can prevent the appearance of age spots because of the ingredient gingerol.  This constituent promotes an anti aging substance called superoxide dismutase, which can inhibit their appearance.

Antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, and yes…antisocial!  The king of anti-aging foods, lives up to its name because of the concentration of sulphur compounds. The sulphur compounds promote arterial flexibility and keeps our blood pressure under control by dilating out arteries.

Black Pepper
The substance piperine in the humble peppercorn has been shown to massively increase the bioavailability of the nutrients in foods.  In one study it increased the absorption by up to 2000%!  By adding freshly ground pepper in any recipe increases the medicinal benefit of all the other ingredients.

To make an anti-aging autumn soup:
Lightly steam the vegetables. Once cooked take ¾ of the vegetables out of the steamer and blend with the mineral rich liquid stock at the bottom of the steamer.  Fry onions and garlic in butter and add liberal amounts of black pepper.  Combine the rest of the chopped vegetables and cook for 20 minutes. Garnish with chopped watercress, add salt to taste.

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